it's all about awareness

The route to export control & sanctions compliance is no straight line. 

An Internal Compliance Program or ICP is a mandatory tool to manage your risks.

The ICP is developed by various governmental bodies as guidelines for companies to implement Good Compliance Practice when it comes to exporting strategic and/or sanction good, services or technology. 

Having an approved ICP demonstrates your compliance capabilities and will mitigate your companies risk in the event of an unintended violation. But how do you build and implement a working ICP? 


WHY      you need it

WHAT   you have to do

HOW      to implement it


.. pre-defined, lean-thinking procedures & work flows

.. using standard Microsoft tools most companies already have

.. in a practical way that can easily be adapted to your business processes


.. with continuous business support and training

Mastershop "ICP basics"

  • when    : 31 January 2019
  • Where  : Rotterdam
  • Time     : 09:00 - 11:30
  • Cost      : € 35,- per person, ex VAT

Note : This  mastershop is conducted in Dutch