it's all about awareness

The route to export control & sanctions compliance is no straight line. 

Any company involved in international business or trade should be aware of the risks when it comes to Export Controls & Sanctions.
Continuous training is a critical and mandatory  part of  any Compliance Program and strongly advised by National and international governmental bodies.


We introduce: 

micro training


Up-to-date subjects from a business perspective

General library or tailor made

Hot-topics in your domain



e-Learning platform

Stand alone or part of your LMS

All devices, anywhere, anytime, anyhow 



5 minutes, to-the-point training

Meet actual learning requirements of your staff

Self-study or hybride (face-2-face)



Standard in our Internal Compliance Program

Per user or per company



  • Basics    : Export Control explained
  • Basics    : Sanction explained
  • Basics    : Export Control, Sanctions or Trade Compliance.
                        The difference explained
  • Basics    : ICP – Internal Compliance Program
  • Basics    : What is an export?
  • How To : discover the dual-use risk of the items to be exported?
  • How To : read EU Dual-use list and US CCL?
  • How To  : Evidencing your export transaction -
                          improving your record keeping
  • How To : Classification of products
  • How To : Classification of chemicals
  • How To : Controlling your freight forwarder:
                        how to optimize your customs operations?
  • How To : Request an export license 
  • How To : Deal with repairs - import and export
  • How To : Controlled technology
                         exporting intangibles and exporting via the cloud
  • How To : Foreign nationals - do’s and don’ts 
  • How To : End-use and end-user: how to tackle the risks
  • How To : your own company business process
                        or training requirement