Creating insight in WHY and WHAT by simple training

Have you packed your own bags?

A familiar question when you pass customs at an airport.

How about you business transaction?

Our solution explained

Most companies are not aware of sanctions & export control regulations.

It is not the same as trade or customs.
It also applies to information, technology, software and services.

Violating export control regulations is a criminal offense.

We create awareness by straight forward, to-the-point training

training at different levels

Creating awareness doesn’t only concern the persons dealing with logistics. It is a topic for the entire organization, including temporary staff and contrators.

We build our training program on three levels

  • Awareness
    Applicable to everyone
  • Expert
    Indended for the specialist
  • Scenario
    Learning from past incidents 

Face 2 Face or remote

Research shows that our span of attention drops after 10 minutes.

We believe in focussed training, either face-to-face or through short e-learnings.

Our training program has a modular structure of micro e-learnings ranging from 10 to 15 minutes. We use our own e-learning modules in a blended form when providing classroom training.

Learn about other solution pillars


What is the maturity of your sanction & export control compliance?


Translating the gaps in you processes into solid action and solutions.


Because you can’t know everything in the volatile domains of sanctions & export controls.

if you don't know what to look for
you will never see it
JK Rowling


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