Evaluating your compliance processes is one of the seven key elements of any internal compliance program. Evaluation is one of the least executed elements of any internal compliance program. When have you last measured the maturity of your compliance program? And who provided the feedback? It is easier than you think


Auditing is a heavy tool, mostly used by financial controlling or your quality department. The follow-up is often subject to extensive reporting and administration.
But what if you just want to know the state of your sanctions & export control compliance?
We have developed a lean compliance assesment tool called SCAN365.

Easy, accessible and affordable.

ask our employees
and get the true state of you compliance
eric both

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If you don’t know what to look for, you will never see it.


Translating the gaps in you processes into solid action and solutions.


Because you can’t know everything in the volatile domains of sanctions & export controls.


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