Moving from consiously incompetent to consiously competent.

Now you’re aware of the gaps in your compliance process, fixing them is the next challenge.

Operationalizing your compliance policy is more challenging than the eye meets.

effective, simple, accessible

An internal compliance program has many similarities with an ISO quality system.

The aim is to create an effective risk management, not to create a big as possible pile of procedures.

We help you to find and write the perfect balance between effectiveness, simplicity and accessibility.

Tuned to your company style and culture.


Compliance with laws and regulations and the great importance to your organization, should be supported and endorsed by the organization’s senior management.

Importantly, the Internal Compliance Program should also be actively disseminated to all personnel, including those not directly involved with export controls.

We used the power of the Microsoft 365 suite and Microsoft Azure and  created ICP365, your compliance platfrom for easy access and communication.

what's the point of having a procedure
if you don't know where to find it
Eric Both


We offer a unique and online Internal Compliance Platform, built on the Microsoft Office365® structure, and set up in your own closed and secure corporate environment.

It goes without saying that we also write your procedures in any style or system that you prefer.

Contact us to learn how we can support writing your compliance program and procedures.

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What is the maturity of your sanction & export control compliance?


What is the maturity of your sanction & export control compliance?


Because you can’t know everything in the volatile domains of sanctions & export controls.


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