unconsciously incompetent to consciously competent

If you don’t know what to look for, you will never see it.

This certainly applies to sanctions & export control compliance. Irrespective of any organization, the compliance learning cycle from unconsciously incompetent to consciously competent always applies.

What phase are you in, determines your compliance response.

Meet our A4 approach

Complete compliance with ECG

We offer a unique Export Control & Compliance program, called the “A4 approach”.

The A4 aproach, combines solid compliance structure with Lean Six Sigma / Lean Thinking techniques.


Because it is simple, easy to understand and a perfect base to find the compliance starting point withing your organization 


The having of perceptions, thoughts, and feelings

Basic awareness depends on the human brain stem.
It is our most inner self. It is the having of perceptions, thoughts, and feelings about the state of our environment.

Environments are continually changing, therefore observation and awareness should be an ongoing process. Being aware is strongly related to observation and interpretation – knowing where to look for.

If you don’t know where to look for, you simply don’t see it.
You are unconscious of possible non-compliances.

Creating awareness about export control and sanctions within all levels of your organization, and maintaining this awareness is the foundation of the Export Control Group International.

We offer classroom training, e-learning, blended learning or training-on-the-job. Whatever fits you best.


The determination of the state you are in

Assessment is basically determining the state of your organization, you as a person or situation. What risks am I running and what opportunities lies ahead?

Classical risk assessment principally concern with investigating the risks surrounding a production plant (or some other object), its design and operations. It tends to focus on causes and the direct consequences for the object.

Vulnerability assessment focus both on consequences for the object itself and also on primary and secondary consequences for the surrounding environment. It concerns itself with the possibilities of reducing such consequences and of improving the capacity to manage future incidents.

We will assess the level of competence of your organization to international export control and sanction rules in our unique way – SCAN365™.


The adjustment to another type of behavior or situation

The only constant about change, is change itself.

When we are aware of our current state and understand what needs to be done and why it needs to be done, we can adapt ourselves to the desired state.

It is all about human behavior, change management, balancing the business needs at shop floor level with the responsibilities of international export controls & sanctions.

Taking a lean-thinking approach while developing the proper procedures and systems will encourage active involvement of the entire organization.

We develop, implement and maintain a working Internal Compliance Program which is customized to your organization.


The support to maintain your level of compliance

In an environment of constant rules and regulations maintaining in depth detailed knowledge can be a costly business.

Whether you need continuous export control training – general or specific to your business processes, ad-hoc support with ongoing business transactions, continuous auditing of your compliance program or (legal) support when you face a violation situation, you want to rely on an independent source of Export Control and Sanction specialists.

We offer a full spectrum of specialized knowledge and services, ready to navigate you through the rough seas of Export Control and Sanctions.

We are the Export Control Officers as a Service ™


If you need legal advice on the ever changing sanctions & export control rules, you will find sufficient regulatory firms that are eager to help you. If you need a policy, they will also provide you with one.

If you need to implement sanctions & export control in your business, on top of the regulatory expertise you need change experts with solid experience of business processes & procedures. 

This is our unique selling point – Export Control Office(r) as a Service™.

Having a written sanctions & export control compliance policy does not make your risk management work.

We write compliance programs that fit your business processes, using the guidelines from the competent authorities. 

Bringing risk management from the boardroom to the shopfloor is our core business.

Smaller organizations often don’t have sophisticated compliance systems. 

We have developed ICP365™, an online Internal Compliance Platform that offers First Aid With Compliance without any investments required.

Training, training, training. 

We create awareness in all levels of your organization, from boardroom to shopfloor. 

Short and to-the-point workshops in classroom or e-learning setting, tailored to your business.

Export Control Office(r) as a Service™, a unique service where we provide temporary, interim and/or project sanctions & export control specialists. 

Whether you need product classification experts, screening specialists or an export control compliance director, ECOaaS™ is your place to go.