if you don't ask, you don't know

Evaluating your compliance processes is one of the seven key elements of any internal compliance program.

Evaluation is one of the least executed elements of any internal compliance program.

When have you last measured the maturity of your compliance program? And who provided the feedback?

It is easier than you think


Our standard maturity scan is based upon the EU Guidelines for Internal Compliance Programs, and the US BIS guidelines for effective export control management programs.

The quick scan version of SCAN365 contains the 7 key elements with 1 general question per element.

The full version of SCAN365 contains the 7 key elements with 6 to 12 specific questions per element. These reflect the questions typically asked during an audit by the competent authorities.

SCAN365 is preferably completed by the user of the compliance processes – your employees. This provides the right insights of the actual use of your internal compliance program.


  • Principle 1 – Aks the user
    The employee who works with the risk management procedures, assesses the procedure
    When the creator of procedures and programs asses their own work, the outcome with be colored. If you really want to know how effective these procedures are, you need to ask the employees concerned with applying to these procedures.
  • Principle 2 – There is no right or wrong
    Risk management procedures need to be proportional to the company size and business. The level of effectiveness depend on their content, if they are up-to-date and if they are found and understood. Your risk appetite will determine if this is sufficient.
  • Principle 3 – Lean thinking
    Easy and regular health checks keep your risk management program in shape
    Taking a snapshot of the maturity of your risk management program tells you your current condition. Taking regular snapshots tells you if your program works. With similar, recurring questions in an easy to use assessment method, you can keep track of our program.

WHy Scan365?

Because it excels by simplicity and insight.

  • Standardized questions, with your company specific additions
  • Power BI reporting while the scan is excuted
  • Accessible by all employees upon invitation
  • Your email account is your access
  • No investments required
If you have to ask, you’ll never know.
If you know, you need only ask.
JK Rowling

Don't be caught off guard

Discover your risk profile with our
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Seven key elements. Five possible maturity levels. One insight into your export control risks.

Do you have challenges convincing your senior leadership of the risks and importance of sanctions & export control compliance, SCAN365™ provides you with the power if insight.

With the guidelines or EU and US authorities, we have created a free online, easy to use maturity quick scan.

Are you up to face the real truth? The ask your organization how they perceive export control compliance, and take the full SCAN365™ maturity scan.


If you need legal advice on the ever changing sanctions & export control rules, you will find sufficient regulatory firms that are eager to help you. If you need a policy, they will also provide you with one.

If you need to implement sanctions & export control in your business, on top of the regulatory expertise you need change experts with solid experience of business processes & procedures. 

This is our unique selling point – Export Control Office(r) as a Service™.

Having a written sanctions & export control compliance policy does not make your risk management work.

We write compliance programs that fit your business processes, using the guidelines from the competent authorities. 

Bringing risk management from the boardroom to the shopfloor is our core business.

Smaller organizations often don’t have sophisticated compliance systems. 

We have developed ICP365™, an online Internal Compliance Platform that offers First Aid With Compliance without any investments required.

Training, training, training. 

We create awareness in all levels of your organization, from boardroom to shopfloor. 

Short and to-the-point workshops in classroom or e-learning setting, tailored to your business.

Export Control Office(r) as a Service™, a unique service where we provide temporary, interim and/or project sanctions & export control specialists. 

Whether you need product classification experts, screening specialists or an export control compliance director, ECOaaS™ is your place to go.