A logical choice


Philip Sidney’s professionals bring experience to the compliance arena as former regulators/legislators and their experience and insights will bring tremendous value to clients. As a multi-disciplinary consulting firm, Philip Sidney specializes in Financial Crime Prevention and helping clients fulfill their regulatory obligations. It serves clients in niche sectors including Financial Institutions, Aerospace & Defence, Offshore Oil & Gas, Transport and Logistics, Manufacturing and Development. In the field of export compliance, Philip Sidney assists in classification of export goods; determine export license requirement and conduct sanctions screening on its end-user and end-destination. Philip Sidney also has an Iran-focused desk to help Iranian banks reintegrate into the global banking system. It has a dedicated team which includes a Farsi speaker to support this effort.


Meanwhile, Export Control Group International dubbed themselves as ’Compliance Navigators’ and they aim to provide companies of every size the potential to trade globally and to explore new business opportunities. As Compliance Navigators, they offer a unique Export Control and Compliance program called the "A4 Program" (Aware, Assess, Adapt & Assist) which provides a structure for compliance with export control laws, combined with Lean Six Sigma / Lean Thinking techniques.


Meet in the middle - a powerful combination


As compliance lies between law and operations, our services bridge legal requirements and business operations.


The collaboration between Philip Sidney and Export Control Group International will bring professional hands-on expertise needed for compliance with applicable laws governing international trade in goods, services, technology and capital. We will help clients develop and optimize their global trade strategy in the long run.