Innovative ICP365™ platform makes comprehensive sanction screening accessible to smaller businesses

International trade is increasingly under the microscope due to sanctions and the control of dual-use goods. Export Control Group International is proud to announce the launch of their innovative ICP365™ platform. This online platform is designed to make Small and medium-sized enterprises fully sanctions- and export control compliant within 90 days.

The need for maritime companies to have their compliance processes in order is more urgent than ever. Banks and other financial institutions are placing more and more demands on their clients’ international business practices, especially in light of the risks of financial and reputational damage from non-compliance.

As one of the first providers, ECG International allows companies with a small number of transactions to screen companies owned or controlled by individuals, entities or regions against which OFAC, the European Union and/or the United Kingdom have imposed sanctions.

Your company sanction and export control compliant within 90 days

The ICP365™ platform provides a structured 30-60-90-day approach to rolling out an Internal Compliance Program (IPC) across your organization. This approach ensures that employees can quickly start with the program. It includes features such as:

  • Anytime, anywhere accessibility

    ICP365™ is available online, allowing users to access the platform from the office, at home or on the road.
  • Know your customer

    The platform offers the ability to check customers against sanction lists, preventing unpleasant surprises.
  • All-in-one control

    Users can easily check whether export transactions are subject to licensing.
  • Risk analysis

    ICP365™ includes a basic maturity scan to identify and manage risks.
  • Direct access to specialist knowledge and support

    Export Control Group International offers direct access to expertise and support through the Export Control Officer as a Service™.
ICP365™, The solution between nothing and something

ICP365™ makes compliance not only easier, but also more affordable. This makes it suitable for both large enterprises and small companies. With this, Export Control Group International is taking a major step forward in helping maritime and other industries navigate the complexities of international trade legislation and avoid the pitfalls of non-compliance easily and at low cost.

For more information on how ICP365™ can help your company achieve full compliance within 90 days, contact Export Control Group International at, or visit

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