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The world of export control and compliance is complicated and always evolving. It is therefore incredibly important to make sure that you are aware of new developments and legislation within the field. With our blogs you can be confident that you are aware of all important information. Our experts are fully submerged in the world of export control, and keep track of the progress within. Start reading and stay in the know!

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Innovative ICP365™ platform makes comprehensive sanction screening accessible to smaller businesses

The key importance of an internal compliance program or export control management program, according to EU and US authorities, lies in its critical role in ensuring adherence to complex international trade laws and regulations. Such programs help prevent illegal or unauthorized exports of sensitive goods and technologies, mitigate the risk of non-compliance penalties, and safeguard national security. However, they are...

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When was the last time you evaluated your internal compliance program? Evaluation is a key element for any organization, especially when it’s about your own compliance. However, it is also one of the least executed elements. Our free maturity scans are based on European and American guidelines and take place on the Scan365 power platform. Whether you choose for a quick or a full maturity scan: it is easier than you think!

How scan365 works

The assessment method of Scan365 is based on three principles:

  • Ask the user
    Your first instinct with Scan365 might be to have the creator of the programs fill in the scan. However, this person has to assess their own work and is therefore more likely to be biased. It is therefore better to ask employees that work with these procedures to take part in Scan365.
  • There is no right or wrong
    How you manage risks is strongly connected to the size and type of your company. The success of the risk management procedures depends on their relevance, currency, and the company’s attitude towards risk.
  • Lean thinking
    Regular health checks keep your risk management program fit. Checking how mature your program is gives you an idea of its current state. If you do this regularly, it helps you see if your program is effective. If you use the same questions each time, you can easily monitor the progress of your program.