the risk of Place

Where are you exporting to?
Whether it is final, in transit or temporary, it is all important.

It's not only the final destination
but all stops in between that matters
Eric Both

What are the risks?

Depending on the export controls jurisidiction, exporting outside of your country border may trigger an export license requirement, 

Dual-use between European member states or exporting from the EU? US technology from the EU to Israel? 

And how about the infleunce of sanctions? Your transaction does not need to be on any of the export control lists, Even commercial goods or commercial transactions can be subject to export licenses or even prohibitions.

Export without a proper assessment of the risks and restrictions, may lead to serious violations.

violations through transit destinations

Many companies are not aware, that shipping companies often optmize intercontinental shipments by reloading or staging in transit ports or areas.

Without you knowing, export controlled items can trigger violations, You as an exporter are the first repsonsible person.

Are you aware of all destinations between shipping and receiving?   

Destination assessment As a service

EU/UN Sanctions List, Dual-use export license requirements, BIS country chart, OFAC sanctions program …

If you are not familiar enough with the use of country lists, or miss the routine of interpreting them, determining the restrictions can be a challenging task.

Is your transaction a simple direct shipment, or does it consist of multiple destinations?

Our Export Control office as a Service tm is highly experienced in determining the applicable restrictions.

Learn about the other risks


What are you exporting?



Who are export to? Who is the end-user? And how about your other business partners, direct and indirect?


What is your product being used for? What is the end-use?