the risk of Party

Know your customer is mostly implemented for major, direct client, often in the early stages of sales or projects.

But how about your indirect contacts? Your suppliers, subcontractors, brokers, agents, distributors in every day-2-day transaction.

We know how to set up party screening processes within your organization, how to act when a screening match is found, and how to make your employee on the shopfloor aware of any restrictions.

not all contacts you do business with, are recorded in your crm system.
how do you screen them?
Eric Both

your bias is your risk?

It is an almost daily news topic – persons or entities being sanctions by one or more governments. 

When you are in to compliance, you are aware that doing business with a sanctioned party is perhaps not the best idea. 

When it is not your daily job, you most likely are not aware. Not because you don’t care, but because you simply don’t see it.
Your bias prevents you from seeing all signs and red flags.

In our approach we not only implement a solid screening process, but we learn you to recognize the signs and do the right things. Not too little, not too much.


Nowadays, many screening tools are available.

Online or integrated into your ERP-systems, screening a party is no longer an issue.

In the forest of possibilities, the question remain which one to pick. Shooting a mosquito with a cannon will cost you a dearly and may damage your business unnecessarily.

Fishing with a wide mazed net may give you a false sense of security as the parties that matter slip through.

We help you to prevent overprocessing and cost, and to secure the right level of screening.

Destination assessment As a service

EU/UN Sanctions List, Dual-use export license requirements, BIS country chart, OFAC sanctions program …

If you are not familiar enough with the use of country lists, or miss the routine of interpreting them, determining the restrictions can be a challenging task.

Is your transaction a simple direct shipment, or does it consist of multiple destinations?

Our Export Control office as a Service tm is highly experienced in determining the applicable restrictions.

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What are you exporting?


Who are export to? Who is the end-user? And how about your other business partners, direct and indirect?


What is your product being used for? What is the end-use?