Managing Export control risks

For decades we have turned global trade, sharing knowledge and international outsourcing and cooperation into an art.

However, buying, selling or using foreign items into your own products, comes with a grave responsibility. You need to be aware of your obligations and responsibilities when doing so. 

Also when it concerns strategic products or technlogy. Violating these rules and regulations is a criminal offense. 

We got the solution for you

We offer a unique Export Control & Compliance program, called the “A4 approach”.

The A4 aproach, combines solid compliance structure with Lean Six Sigma / Lean Thinking techniques.


Because it is simple, easy to understand and a perfect base to find the compliance starting point withing your organization 

Product risks

Product risks can be determined by its strategic goods code (ECCN) and/or its customs tariff code (HSCode).

The correct classification code is a manufacturer/supplier responsibility. Most suppliers however don’t have a clue.

Your next step the is self-classification.

  • How do you determine a military or dual-use classification?
  • How do you classify goods? Software? Technology? Services?

It requires a close cooperation between product specialists and export control regulation specialist. We provide you with this support.

Place risks

Exporting outside of your national borders, may require an export license. What restrictions apply to a certain country and what jurisdiction must be used?

It is evident that the correct awareness must be present with each individual that is involved in an export transaction.

We provide a clear overview of the restrictions of each destination from the perspective of each country of export.

Party risks

Know your customer is mostly implemented for major, direct client, often in the early stages of sales or projects. But how about your indirect contacts?

Your suppliers, subcontractors, brokers, agents, distributors in every day-2-day transaction.

We know how to set up party screening processes within your organization, how to act when a screening match is found, and how to make your employee on the shopfloor aware of any restrictions.

Purpose risks

You don’t want your product to be used for the wrong purposes, violating human rights or end-up in some terrorist piece of equipment.

When an export license is required, a legalized end-use statement is required. When you are exporting to a destination of concern, and end-use statement should be standard. 

We help you to obtain and manage your end-use statements


If you need legal advice on the ever changing sanctions & export control rules, you will find sufficient regulatory firms that are eager to help you. If you need a policy, they will also provide you with one.

If you need to implement sanctions & export control in your business, on top of the regulatory expertise you need change experts with solid experience of business processes & procedures.

This is our unique selling point – Export Control Office(r) as a Service™.

Having a written sanctions & export control compliance policy does not make your risk management work.

We write compliance programs that fit your business processes, using the guidelines from the competent authorities. 

Bringing risk management from the boardroom to the shopfloor is our core business.

Smaller organizations often don’t have sophisticated compliance systems. 

We have developed ICP365™, an online Internal Compliance Platform that offers First Aid With Compliance without any investments required.

Training, training, training. 

We create awareness in all levels of your organization, from boardroom to shopfloor. 

Short and to-the-point workshops in classroom or e-learning setting, tailored to your business.

Export Control Office(r) as a Service™, a unique service where we provide temporary, interim and/or project sanctions & export control specialists. 

Whether you need product classification experts, screening specialists or an export control compliance director, ECOaaS™ is your place to go.