How to navigate within the world of export compliance

Are you or is your company in any way working with the export of goods, services or technology from one country to another? Then it is extremely important to make sure that you are aware of the many rules and regulations associated with export control compliance. Complying to all relevant policies prevents high fines and penalties. Learn more about export compliance in this article.

What is export compliance?

Export compliance regulations refer to laws, regulations and policies regarding the export of goods, services and technology from one country to another. These are put in place to ensure a country’s security, economic stability and international relations. The regulations include necessary licenses, accurate customs documentation and trade restrictions that are imposed by the government.

What are the key components of export compliance?

There are several components companies must address to make sure they adhere to export control regulations. These include:

  • Classification of products: it is very important to classify goods according to existing export control lists. This gives you a clear overview into the different licenses you might need to acquire.
  • Get the right permissions: if any of the goods you want to export require licenses, make sure you have all these permissions in order before exporting. This is a crucial part of every export compliance solution.
  • Train your team: it is crucial that your employees are familiar with all relevant rules and regulations regarding export.

Our solution pillars

We offer a unique Export Control & Compliance program, called the “A4 approach”. The A4 aproach, combines solid compliance structure with Lean Six Sigma / Lean Thinking techniques. Why? Because it is simple, easy to understand and a perfect base to find the compliance starting point withing your organization


Most companies are not aware of sanctions & export control regulations. We create awareness by straight forward, to-the-point training.


What is the maturity of your sanction & export control compliance? We have developed a lean compliance assesment tool called SCAN365.


Now you’re aware of the gaps in your compliance process, fixing them is the next challenge. Translating the gaps in your processes into solid solutions.


Outside assistance and coaching will keep you sharp. Because you can’t know everything in the volatile domains of sanctions & export controls.

Take part in an export compliance audit program to examine your processes

One of the most important elements of adequate export compliance is to evaluate your current compliance process. An export compliance audit program helps you with a thorough examination of your export activities and processes. You get significant insights to find out if you comply with relevant laws, regulations and internal policies. We would strongly recommend making sure that the people who work within the compliance processes of your organization take part in the audit. The assessment method Scan365 is a great way to gain insights into your own processes. This method has the option to choose between a quick maturity scan or a full maturity audit.

What are customs compliance software solutions?

Customs compliance software solutions are tools specifically designed to assist businesses in managing their export compliance processes. It makes it easier to export goods across international borders, because you can be confident that you are adhering to customs regulations and requirements.

Export compliance services to help you with your own compliance processes

The world of export compliance is complex and extensive. It can therefore feel overwhelming to find out whether your organization is adhering to all the relevant regulations and laws. Luckily, there are various professional export compliance services available to help your business. If you do not adhere to the relevant laws, you risk high fines and penalties. Hiring an export control officer and outsourcing this knowledge could be a great solution. Are you looking for experienced export compliance consultants to advise you? Contact us using the form below.

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