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who are we

With a vast experience in international supply chain management, customs, change management and executive management, in 2013 Eric Both was confronted with his first challenge in Export Control. As everyone around him, he was unconsiously incompetent in this specific domain.

In the months following, Eric took a deep dive into the EU and US world of sanctions & export controls. The scarce seminars and information available on these domains appeared to be similar to the available support services – high level, focused on legislation and dominated by laywers and legal specialists.

From 2015 onwards Eric began to develop his services towards operationalizing sanctions & export control policies. He used the slogan “from the outside in and the inside out”, referring to the regulatory landscape translated into executable procedures on the shop floor.

In 2019 Eric founded the Export Control Group International BV. A network of specialists, active in the domain of sanctions & export controls, with a vast operational experience in various business and functions.

What began as an area of interest, now evolved into a full-time core business.

We don’t advise on compliance, we execute sanctions & export control compliance. 



Sanctions & export control Expertise

Our team consists of business process experts with a specialism in sanctions & export controls.

Where our services started as a small project for an SME, has now evolved to high profile support from stock exchange listed, international companies to our first and fare most focus – the small & medion enterprises.

Application solution experts

We are not a sofware factory. We are however experts in creating online tools that matter, supported by effective workflow management.

A team of Microsoft 365, Sharepoint 365, Microsoft Automate and Microsoft PowerApps experts continuously work on our ICP365 and SCAN365 platform tools.

Why Microsoft 365? It is the most commonly used office automation solution. No integration required.

Our application expert are also available to assist you in optimizing your own Office 365 platforms.   

Our clients

The year 2022 has been a turning point in sanctions & export control compliance. Authority efforts on enforcement has more than double, resulting in increased number of companies being investigated on potential violations. Our clients are active in a wide variety of sectors.

Successful projects

We assisted clients in all sorts of industries