Did you pack your own bags?

A questions always asked when you pass customs at the airport. Of course you are well prepared, and you check all requirements before you leave home. But how about your business?

No worries, you as senior manager, director or executive are held personally liable violations by your staff.

Our Export Control Office as a Service® will help you to mitigate the risks. We not only assess your export transactions and provide advice how to mitigate the risks, but we also implement it and train your staff.


Sanctions Screening as a Service


Sanctions imposed by the UN, EU, USA, UK and many more countries.
Sanctions vary by country and situations.
It can include an arms embargo, an embargo on the import and/or export of certain goods, software and technology, an additional permit requirement for such items.

Our Export Control Office as a Service® has a vast experience experience with various sanctions regimes, and can assist you to determine what actions to be taken. 


Export Control Classification as a Service

Dual-use, military, annex I or annex IV, substances list 1? Goods, technology or software.
If you are not familiar enough with the use of export control lists, classification can be a challenging task.

Whether it is your question is one item, or your full article database,

our Export Control Office as a Service® is highly experienced in classifying your items against EU military or dual-use lists, US EAR or ITAR.


Restricted Party Screening as a Service

Governments, and in particular the US, administer and enforce economic and trade sanctions against targeted foreign countries, regimes, terrorists and those engaged in threats to their national security or foreign policy.
Violating these sanctions count for the highest penalties known to companies. 
Sanctions list are many, and change frequently. Know your Customer is therefor a key process in any internationally operating organization.

Our Export Control Office as a Service® provides Restricted Party Screening as a Service,
for a single party, or an entire client database.